Hi Everyone!  
we are so excited to be back open for the 2020/2021 season. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your patience and understanding in the opening process. It has been a whirlwind of a few months for all of us. To ensure everyone’s safety, I wanted to make sure that we not only followed protocol but what was best with our dancers in mind. We still have spots available in our summer program and hope to see everyone back. If you have any credits on your account you may use them for tuition for summer or fall programming. 
Again all of these modifications are for dancer safety and will remain in effect until regulations are lifted. Class sizes are limited to 9 students per class plus one instructor. No assistants.

all students will need to do a self assessment at home. If the dancer or anyone in their family is ill, please stay home. Make sure to have a labeled water bottle and bring only the items you need for class. No dance bags, toys or additional items. please be dressed and ready for class. Please use restroom before entering the studio as Restrooms are to be used for emergencies only. We encourage everyone to bring their own personal size hand sanitizer to utilize throughout the course of classes. Masks are encouraged to be worn but not required due to the nature of the activity. 

Blue stars have been painted on the walk way-6 feet a part. Please have dancer stand on blue star outside door until your instructor calls you into facility. Students will come in one at a time and sanitize their hands and be assigned a number of line to stand at to prepare for class (put on shoes, etc) will be assigned a line to stand on. On that line there will be a basket for any belongings. Please limit any additional items other than dance shoes and a labeled water bottle. Stay on line til called to the dance floor-dancers will be called one at a time to the dance floor to maintain social distancing. 

The dance floor has been taped in accordance of 6 feet regulation. Students are to remain in that box until assigned to their new position for across the floor or corners; numbered and 6 feet apart. Ballet barres have been marked with social distancing requirements. 

At the end of class students will sanitize hands, return to their baskets one at a time, grab personal belongings, change shoes and exit the building one at a time to ensure distancing. 

The office and parent rooms are closed and all communications will be done online via email. Nobody other than dancers are permitted to enter the building due to limitations within the facility. 

Disinfecting of general spaces such as handles, barres, props or mats will be sanitized between classes and a daily cleaning will be done prior to and after all classes. 

FACEMASKS-all students (ages 10 and up-per state and county guidelines) entering and exiting the building must have a face mask on. We have made sure to prepare the studio so that students continually remain 6 feet apart; both in center and across the floor as well as entering and exiting the building. We continue to follow the guidelines that masks are encouraged in class however they can be removed during class for participation due to the nature of the activity. Staff will continue to wear them as requirement continues. 

FACILITY-the facility is closed to everyone other than students due to social distancing and spacing requirements. Any questions can be answered via email at We are currently experiencing issues with our phone line and will be working to get this taken care of ASAP. 

POTTY BREAKS-many students have been using the potty during classes. We ask that you have your child use the restroom at home to avoid taking time out of class. When a child needs to use the restroom we are required to clean immediately to ensure safety standards. This causes the entire class to be held up until the children have gone. When one has to go it seems everyone has to go. This is what miss Darcy refers to as happy hour lol. Please encourage students to use facilities at home to avoid further interruption of class time. 

WATER-it’s summer. It’s hot. The masks are hot and we are working hard. I’ve noticed many students bringing water bottles to class and encourage everyone to continue. I’ve also noticed many kiddos do not bring refreshment and I highly encourage you to pack a water bottle for your dancer to avoid exhaustion and dehydration.

To register for classes visit our website

We look forward to having our dancers safely return to the studio. Thank you! Miss D